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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Around these parts...


Zoey and I have had one of those super long, feels like it's never going to end, weeks. 

Zoey would add that this is especially upsetting because she hasn't had a walkie and I've been busy with homework at night and haven't been able to play as much. 

However, I did get this sassy leopard print harness for her!  

I had saw it before and wanted it but hadn't bought it. When I went to get printer ink the other night, I saw it on clearance for half off so I took it as a sign.  I've been pairing it with a purple leash and she looks fab. ;)

Side note: I thought my sisters were bad when they were always worrying about their little girls wearing bows...and now Zoey has a ton if clothes and is always getting new stuff.

 (To be honest-I hate shopping for my clothes 99% of the time. I've never been much of a "primper", I.e. I live in t shirts, but I love buying stuff for Zoey. I'm so glad she doesn't mind clothes.  She gets a little sassy walk when she is wearing them and she curls up all snuggly.  She doesn't wear clothes everyday and I wouldn't make her if she didn't like it.)

We also got a visit from our min pin friend Rocky, aka Rockstar. 

That guy is all leg; he could be a runway model. He and Zoey look similar, markings, face, but man, those legs! They look so strange next to Zoey. He prances around like a deer! 

Stinker also got a new collar (I told you I like buying her stuff!).  Red and blue works for summer and those were my high school's colors.  Go lakers! 

Zoey: You are such a creep! Taking pictures of me while I sleep?!?

When you sleep as much as you do, Zo, what do you expect?

There's a quick peek into our week!  Hope you and yours and doing well! 

-Zoey and her human (aka Ashley)

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Shameful Secret *WARNING*

*Contains talk of doggie potty problems!*

Zoey-my sweet Zoey who is currently laying on my legs ⤵️

...has a shameful secret. 

She sometimes...




If people reading are going to be our friends, we figured we would be honest. Painfully, embarrassingly honest. 

Feeling ashamed⤴️

So, if you want to be technical, coprophagia, is DISGUSTING. Have you ever seen your sweet little puppy that gives you kisses-

squat and practically turn and grab some poop before it hits the ground?!

I'm not sure why she started doing this at a few months old, but it still happens on occasion even now that she's over a year old, much to my lament. 

Zoey has other potty issues as well. She almost always refuses to go anywhere but home and has had many accidents (from what I have heard, potty training can be extremely frustrating for stubborn doxies 😜). She is also, still using potty pads-hear me out! 

Zoey was only eight weeks old when she got sick with parvovirus. We got her in January and when she came home, I just did not have the heart to try and make her go out in the yard when she was so frail and it was so cold. So we started her on potty pads on our covered back porch. 

And we've never been able to break her. 

It is pretty convenient, though. 

I made a potty bell with a baby toy that hangs from the doorbell and she picked that up one day without us even trying to teach her (the bell was on there from months earlier, but we hadn't really done much to train her to use it).  Full of surprises, I tell you. Since she started doing that, accidents inside are very rare.

She usually leaves her "droppings" alone now unless she's ate something different. 

Last night she stole a piece of pizza and ate the toppings off of it.  We didn't know she had until we saw her get the second piece and found the evidence of the first. That being said, we've been on guard when she's "taking care of business."

So yeah, she's a pretty smart dog...

That sometimes eats poop. 

I promise we won't continue to be so gross!  I just have a hunch that some people can relate to this so I thought I would share our troubles. 

We have tries pineapple-which seems to help-but would welcome any advice so please share your stories! 

Zoey is thoroughly humiliated. 

Zoey says: I'm tougher than you think-be warned! No teasing!

I certainly wouldn't cross you, Zo. 

-Ashley aka Zoey's Human

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meet My Boss

Hello all,

I'm Ashley, humble companion/servant of Miss Zoey, the lovely lady you will see around here. 

I'm 23, working on my bachelor's and a babysitter.  That's probably sufficient for now.

Zoey is...


But besides that, Zoey is a year old black and tan longhair mini dachshund.  She weighs in at a whopping 9.3 pounds. 

She got parvovirus almost immediately after I got her. 

She spent 4 days and 3 nights at the vet's office and was very close to not making it.

She came home weighing only 2 pounds. 

She has the cutest little crook in her tail that she was born with.

She loves treats and will steal them from other dogs if they aren't careful (sometimes right out of their mouth).

She's all talk with little action.

And I love her very much.

Check back soon!