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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Around these parts...


Zoey and I have had one of those super long, feels like it's never going to end, weeks. 

Zoey would add that this is especially upsetting because she hasn't had a walkie and I've been busy with homework at night and haven't been able to play as much. 

However, I did get this sassy leopard print harness for her!  

I had saw it before and wanted it but hadn't bought it. When I went to get printer ink the other night, I saw it on clearance for half off so I took it as a sign.  I've been pairing it with a purple leash and she looks fab. ;)

Side note: I thought my sisters were bad when they were always worrying about their little girls wearing bows...and now Zoey has a ton if clothes and is always getting new stuff.

 (To be honest-I hate shopping for my clothes 99% of the time. I've never been much of a "primper", I.e. I live in t shirts, but I love buying stuff for Zoey. I'm so glad she doesn't mind clothes.  She gets a little sassy walk when she is wearing them and she curls up all snuggly.  She doesn't wear clothes everyday and I wouldn't make her if she didn't like it.)

We also got a visit from our min pin friend Rocky, aka Rockstar. 

That guy is all leg; he could be a runway model. He and Zoey look similar, markings, face, but man, those legs! They look so strange next to Zoey. He prances around like a deer! 

Stinker also got a new collar (I told you I like buying her stuff!).  Red and blue works for summer and those were my high school's colors.  Go lakers! 

Zoey: You are such a creep! Taking pictures of me while I sleep?!?

When you sleep as much as you do, Zo, what do you expect?

There's a quick peek into our week!  Hope you and yours and doing well! 

-Zoey and her human (aka Ashley)

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